About Wichmann Systems Ltd.

Wichmann Systems Ltd. is a leading supplier of coding, marking, labeling, and digital color printing solutions, serving various industries for over 25 years.

At Wichmann Systems Ltd., we take pride in assisting our customers in optimizing their production and adopting environmentally friendly technology. This contributes to streamlined production processes and minimized waste.

Through our commitment to exceptional customer service and innovative solutions, Wichmann Systems Ltd. has emerged as the preferred partner for manufacturers in East Africa. We are dedicated to consistently surpassing expectations and providing the highest quality products and services to our valued customers.

Lykke Wichmann

General Manager

Steen Leerberg

Partner / VP - Executive Accounts

Jesper Pedersen

VP - Group Operation & Finance


Wichmann Systems Ltd. has carefully selected the very best products on the market, and our close collaboration with manufacturers enables us to tailor the right solutions for our customers, covering every coding and marking need from product to pallet.


CSR Policy

Explore the fundamental principles that form the basis of our CSR policy.

Find our CSR Policy here


To conduct operations in East Africa with the highest ethical standards, combatting money laundering, corruption, and child labor, while contributing positively to society and promoting sustainable development.


To enhance production efficiency by delivering reliable solutions to manufacturers across sectors, we uphold integrity, foster a corruption-free environment, and champion the fight against money laundering and child labor in East Africa.


Domino Printing Sciences is renowned for its award-winning and high-quality coding and marking solutions. With over 2,800 employees, the Domino Group operates in 120+ countries and maintains production facilities in the UK, USA, China, Germany, India, Sweden, and Switzerland.


Wichmann Systems Ltd. provides labeling solutions from the premier manufacturer Intrex, boasting over two decades of market expertise with standardized solutions, a global network of 20 service centers, and deployment of over 2000 units across diverse industries.

Loftware NiceLabel

At Wichmann Systems Ltd. we provide support for Loftware NiceLabel Software, a leading solution for label design and management. It empowers businesses to improve the quality, speed, and efficiency of their coding and labeling processes, leading to cost reductions.
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