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Seamless OEM Integration: Reliable solutions and global support

With our OEM services, you receive expert assistance for seamless integration with diverse products and systems. Our experts are at your service, ensuring smooth integration and offering valuable support. We’re happy to provide you with 3D drawings, electrical diagrams, and more.

The integration of coding and marking equipment into the most challenging production lines demands reliable solutions, consistent integration, and a unified global support function. Domino allocates substantial resources to continuous product development, market support, and service, positioning us as the ideal partner for our customers worldwide.

At Wichmann Systems Ltd., we allocate dedicated resources to support our OEM partners. Choosing products from us means gaining not only top-quality products but also a committed collaborator. We assist you in developing innovative solutions for your customers, serving as a valuable sparring partner in your projects. Our array of professional services aims to streamline your work processes and ensure superior product quality.

Products build to integration

Effortless Integration

Our products are expertly designed for seamless integration, utilizing standard protocols to connect every aspect of production, from devices to printers with OEM equipment, via the internet. These protocols establish a reliable and secure framework for efficiently collecting and transmitting data, mapping production efficiency (OEE).

Weihenstephan Standards (WS) is widely adopted in the food and beverage industry, serving as a communication standard. Using QuickDesign WS software, Domino printers seamlessly interconnect with various production equipment.

Linking printers with MES and ERP systems leads to significant efficiency gains by automating coding and marking tasks, reducing errors and downtime. Domino spearheads efficiency in production through the gradual infusion of Industry 4.0 concepts, delivering unparalleled advantages. These transformative changes promise heightened efficiency, flawless operation, and the elimination of waste due to operator errors.

Finish the project

We ensure the success of your project, providing a range of resources for a professional product

Leading Products

Offering leading solutions across various technologies, our products are rigorously tested to meet diverse industry requirements, including food and beverage, construction, and pharmaceuticals, designed for seamless integration.

We provide:
• Equipment approved by FDA, MAFF, and EEC.
• IP-rated equipment for harsh and wash-down environments.
• Ink approved for use in the food industry.
• Printing of UCC/EAN-128 and ITF-14 barcodes.

Test Samples are conducted on customer products or packaging at recognized laboratories, ensuring the optimal product for individual needs. We offer technical manuals and drawings for easy integration into in-line production.

We provide training for your staff on our products, enabling you to serve the end customer effectively.

International Service Department

In case of international service needs, we have a vast network of global partners.
Each case is handled by a dedicated Technical Sales Manager, serving as your project leader from start to finish.

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