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Print and Apply solutions, also referred to as PALM, print and apply labels to products as they pass by on a production line or in a warehouse.

With a variety of dispensers that can be integrated with Domino’s M230i main component, it is now possible to meet virtually all needs within PALM. Regardless of the industry, product, box, or pallet, the requirements for clarity, readability, and traceability will be met with the M-Series. You get maximum uptime, easy and intuitive operation, and a compact and flexible design, and the solutions have high OEE with low consumption. The M-Series is the most universal Print & Apply system on the market, installable anywhere in your existing production line due to its compact, flexible, and robust design, as well as various sizes of labeling soles and stroke lengths.

Scan the QR code with your phone camera under the different products and see examples of what the various PALM solutions can do.

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