Thermal Inkjet Printing (TIJ)

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Gx-Series: TIJ-printers for clear clean coding

The Gx-Series printers offer high-quality code printing on challenging materials, suitable for various applications such as batches, date coding, complex codes, check weighing, and track & trace. These printers are ideal for industries like pharmaceuticals, electronics, and food and beverage.

Fast, flexible and easy to integrate

They are customizable to individual production needs and can integrate seamlessly into fast production lines. The printers provide clear coding for advanced track & trace and serialization, meeting industry standards. They feature multiple print heads, enabling printing at a height of 50.8 mm and allowing for simultaneous printing of multiple lines at a speed of 300m/min.

3T: A TIJ-Solution for your TTO-applications

Additionally, the Domino 3T technology enables printing on flexible packaging, delivering the same high quality as traditional TTO solutions but in a more sustainable, cost-efficient, and user-friendly manner. Benefits of using this TIJ-solution for TTO applications include a 93% reduction in waste, 50% lower costs and enhanced user-friendliness.

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