Thermal Transfer Overprinting (TTO)

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TTO printing on flexible packaging

Domino’s V-Series and VX-Series offer cutting-edge solutions for thermal transfer overprint on flexible materials. The V-Series prints variable text, 2D codes, barcodes, and images with exceptional precision and high quality, ensuring accurate coding even at high speeds. With operational reliability and up to 60% less ribbon usage, V-Series printers reduce downtime and operational costs. Compact and cost-effective, they seamlessly integrate into existing production lines.

Similarly, Domino’s VX-Series guarantees precise codes and exceptional operational reliability on flexible packaging materials. With up to 60% less ribbon usage and a space-saving design, VX-Series printers provide economic and environmentally friendly solutions.

For businesses seeking high-quality, efficient, and cost-effective labeling, Domino’s TTO printers are the ultimate choice.

Ideal for: Packaging film, Labels, Coated aluminum, Paper, PP, PE and Tyvek.

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