UV Laser

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A seamless solution for imprinting lasting marks on plastic substrates to enhance product identification

The UV Laser from Domino is a compact all-in-one laser coder which stands out in the realm of contemporary sustainable packaging advancements, particularly excelling with recyclable flexible mono-material polymers, including thin films. The utilization of UV light coding involves a photochemical reaction in the top layer of substrates, preserving the protective packaging barrier.

This innovative approach allows for marking white and colored products anywhere without the requirement for laser-activated fields. The outcome is the production of sharp, high-contrast white codes on dark-colored materials and black codes on light-colored materials.

The U510 simplifies line integration through its all-in-one controller and laser unit. Its IP55 rating renders it a perfect match for challenging production environments characterized by wet or dusty conditions. Explore worry-free marking solutions with the U510 UV laser.

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