The new G50i TIJ-printer from Domino is flexible and a cost-efficient printer solution, which is easy to set up and use. The printer is ideal for printing data and text on primary and secondary packaging. G50i prints both manual and machine-readable codes in high quality on 600×600 dpi. It is suitable for printing on both porous and robust materials – as paper, cards, plastic, metal, film and folie.

The system consists of two components – a printhead and a user-friendly touchscreen, which makes the system easy to use and install on an already existing production line.

G50i is:

  • Flexible: You can easily print barcodes, logos and alphanumeric text combined with each other
  • Reliable: The printer always delivers clear, readable coding
  • High quality: Clear and consistent codes throughout the whole supply chain
  • Cost-efficient: Low use of ink and maintain free operation
  • Simple: Easy to integrate on already existing production lines
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