Intrex 300+

ntrex 300+ is designed for high-speed and high-precision labeling. The dispenser’s servo control, mechanical rewinder, and optional mechanical unwinder (additional equipment) increase the labeling speed to 140 m/min. Intrex 300+ is ideal for printing houses or other high-speed productions, as the dispenser can label up to 600 labels/min.

Benefits of Intrex 300+:
• One of the fastest dispensers on the market
• Air-loop module
• Option for multiple label rolls
• Handles labels in widths of 90 or 160 mm.
• Labeling speed of up to 140 m/min.
• Non-stop labeling
• Multiple labeling options; 2 or more labels from the same signal
• Remote diagnostics
• Password-protected login for various settings

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