Intrex Palletizer

Automated palletizing with Intrex Palletizer

With Intrex Palletizer, automating your palletizing process becomes a reality. Eliminate the need for manual stacking of your products by utilizing a Universal Robot cobot. This solution allows you to automatically palletize a wide range of products, providing an economical, flexible, and secure automation of your palletizing operations.
The solution enables the simultaneous palletizing of two pallets independently, ensuring continuous production. Intrex Palletizer can be easily reprogrammed according to tasks and applications. Cobots are easy to (re)program, quick to install, and safe to operate.

Benefits of Intrex Palletizer:
• Palletizing a wide range of products
• Palletizing with a Universal Robots cobot
• Dedicated gripper arm for various products
• Independent palletizing of two pallets to ensure continuous production
• Fully automated, flexible cobot arm
• Provides unlimited stacking possibilities
• Easy user interface
• Safety scanners or fences for guaranteed operator safety
• Option for integration with various accessories such as buffer conveyors, etc.

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