K600i Digital UV-Inkjet Printer

Experience simplicity, productivity, and cost efficiency with the K600i Digital UV Inkjet Printer. This advanced printing solution offers seamless variable data printing on a variety of coated or uncoated web and sheet applications. Unlike other digital printing technologies, the K600i utilizes Piezo ink jet with UV curable ink, ensuring non-contact printing with minimal moving parts, resulting in a highly reliable system.

Key Features:
• Versatile Variable Data Printing (VDP)
• High-Speed Performance: Achieve print speeds up to 246 fpm (for single bar) or 492 fpm (for dual bar configuration).
• Precision Printing: Achieving a resolution of 600 x 600 dpi.
• Flexible Droplet Sizes: Choose from droplet sizes of 6, 7, 11, and 14 Picoliter, providing precise and efficient printing, consuming less ink.
• Wide Range of Media
• Easy Integration: Seamlessly integrates onto flexographic label presses, rewinders, or finishing systems, ensuring a smooth printing process.
• Low Maintenance
• Excellent print quality and prolong printhead life, reducing downtime.
• Long-Lasting Durability
Elevate your printing capabilities with the K600i Digital UV Inkjet Printer, where efficiency meets precision for all your variable data printing needs.

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