Mx350i-T: PALM Solution with Tamp/Blow Applicator

The Mx350i-T presents advanced connectivity options and the versatility to transition seamlessly between contact (press) and non-contact (blow) applications. It caters ideally to industries seeking a sturdy, adaptable, and user-friendly system to manage high production throughput.

With its modular design, the Mx350i-T offers the flexibility to customize equipment according to specific requirements. The intuitive user interface and optional remote-controlled 10-inch touchscreen ensure effortless operation, while its durable construction minimizes maintenance, maximizing production uptime.

Durable yet flexible, the Mx350i-T is engineered to adapt to evolving labeling needs without incurring additional costs. With the Mx-Series, we’ve simplified the process of printing and applying GS1-compliant labels, including tracking codes, to your products and packaging.

The Mx350i-T caters to industries requiring a robust and user-friendly system, such as food and beverage, pharmaceuticals, and manufacturing. Offering advanced connectivity options and the flexibility to switch between contact and non-contact applications, it’s an ideal solution for optimizing labeling processes.


With Mx350i-T you get:

  • Left- or right-hand configuration
  • Printers in 4 inches or 6 inches
  • Applicator arms at 160 mm, 360 mm, or 560 mm
  • Switch between tamp/blow applications.


Versatile Configuration Options

The Mx350i-T offers versatile configuration options to accommodate various setups, including both left- and right-hand configurations. This flexibility ensures seamless integration into your existing production line, regardless of its layout or orientation.


Printer Options for Varied Labeling Needs

With printer options available in 4-inch or 6-inch sizes, the Mx350i-T caters to different labeling requirements, providing the versatility needed to meet diverse product specifications. Whether you’re labeling smaller items or larger packages, this system offers the right printer size for your needs.


Adjustable Applicator Arms

Additionally, the Mx350i-T features applicator arms in multiple lengths, including 160 mm, 360 mm, or 560 mm. This range of options allows you to choose the arm length that best suits your labeling needs, ensuring precise and efficient application on various product sizes and shapes.


Seamless Switching Between Applicator Modes

Furthermore, the Mx350i-T enables seamless switching between tamp and blow applicator modes. Whether you require precise label placement with a tamp applicator or non-contact label application with a blow applicator, this system offers the flexibility to adapt to your specific labeling requirements, enhancing efficiency and accuracy in your labeling processes.


Enhancing Labeling Efficiency

The Mx350i-T is the ultimate solution for optimizing your labeling processes, empowering your business with efficiency and productivity across industries like food and beverage, pharmaceuticals, and manufacturing.

Designed to meet diverse labeling needs, it ensures precision and reliability in every application through seamless integration and adaptable design. Investing in the Mx350i-T enhances efficiency, accuracy, and productivity, elevating your operations to new levels of success.

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