Efficient Coding Monitoring with R150

R150 ensures accurate code presence and positioning, offering:
• Blob Check: Guarantees codes are correctly positioned within defined areas (AOI) using pixel analysis.
• Error Code Overview: Lists rejected codes, simplifying issue identification, e.g., due to poor lighting or coding.
• Track Mark Function: Defines specific reference points, easing code positioning, especially in compressed areas or with variable label positions during continuous movement.

Blob Check: With this vision system, you’re ensured the entered code is precisely located. The system analyzes pixels, confirming data within your defined area (AOI). Known as Blob Check, R150 allows defining 3 individual areas highlighted in blue boxes on the display.
Error Code Overview: R150 also provides a summary of rejected codes on specific production lines, aiding identification of potential issues like poor lighting or coding problems.

Track Mark: Additionally, the software features a Track Mark function, simplifying code positioning, especially in compressed areas or when labels vary in position during continuous production.

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