Thermal Transfer Labels

Valued for extreme durability, rapid print speed, and compatibility with a wide range of materials, Thermal Transfer technology is a standard in the printing industry. Thermal transfer printers excel in producing dense, abrasion-resistant print output, making them ideal for barcoding applications.
With various Thermal transfer ribbon formulations and substrate options, it’s crucial to choose the right combination for proper transfer and durability. For instance, using a wax-based TTR on a synthetic substrate may result in easy scratching, while a resin-based TTR ensures long-lasting durability.
We can guide you to the right combination for your application. Our Thermal ribbons and materials are compatible with all leading thermal transfer printers. Reach out to us for any application questions or concerns; we’re here to find the labeling solution that suits you.

• Largest selection of Process and Spot color TTR.
• Over 50 material types available, from matte paper to gloss synthetic.
• UL-listed TTR and material options.
• Direct thermal paper available.
• Extensive library of readily available print dies.

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