Coding and Marking on Canned Goods

Canned goods are a great solution for soups, fruits, vegetables, and similar food products that often require a long shelf life. Fortunately, it couldn’t be easier to mark those canned goods with Domino’s solutions for coding and marking.

The choice of marking solutions for cans depends on various factors, including the type of can, the content within, production volume, regulatory requirements, and budget.


Here are some commonly used marking solutions for cans:

Domino Ax-Series of Inkjet printers (CIJ – Continuous Inkjet):

Domino Ax-Series of inkjet printers are versatile and can print high-quality alphanumeric text, barcodes, logos, and graphics on various surfaces, including cans. It’s suitable for high-speed production lines and offers quick drying times.

The Ax inkjet printer delivers clear codes on flat, curved, and molded surfaces. The series is designed with a focus on ensuring low operating costs. The intelligent printers continuously monitor and adjust ink viscosity to reduce makeup usage, ensuring that the printers are always ready for printing. With very low maintenance requirements and no complicated setups, delays in production changes are avoided, and maximum uptime is guaranteed. Additionally, due to their lightweight design, they are easy to fit into your production line. Their IP66 rating means they can be cleaned with a significant amount of water which make it a perfect match for a though production environment.

Domino D-Series of Laser printers:

Domino’s Co2 laser printers provides permanent and high-resolution marks on cans. It’s contactless and ideal for high-speed production lines. It can also create 2D barcodes and intricate designs.

Domino Vx-Series of Thermal Transfer Overprinters (TTO):

Domino’s TTO printers are suitable for printing variable data like batch numbers, expiry dates, and barcodes on labels that can be applied to cans. It offers good print quality and is often used for coding and marking on cans.



The best-suited marking solution

The best-suited marking solution for cans depends on your specific production requirements, budget constraints, and regulatory compliance needs. It’s essential to assess your unique circumstances and consult with experts in industrial marking and coding to make an informed decision. Additionally, ensuring that your chosen solution complies with food safety regulations is critical in the food packaging industry.

Our experts are always delighted to consult you on the right coding and marking solution for your specific production needs and requirements.

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