Ensuring Product Quality

When coding and marking on glass jars for face cream or serum production etc., numerous considerations impact the process.

Firstly, you must ensure proper traceability, enabling seamless tracking of products essential for quality control and prompt recalls if necessary. With a Co2 Laser from Domino, you get permanent codes that ensure a proper traceability. The Domino D-Series of Co2 Lasers are fast and precise. It allows you to print clear text, 2D and Data Matrix Codes in different highs and fonts.



Moreover, clear coding ensures compliance with regulations, fostering consumer safety and trust by meeting marking standards. Domino offers a range of products, that are designed to meet your production needs. With an Inkjet printer from Domino Ax-Series you get fast, durable, and very versatile coding and marking. The Ax-Series are designed to withstand a harsh production environment due to its high IP classification, making it suitable for the healthcare industry where liquid fluids are produced and filled into glass jars and bottles.



Additionally, automated coding systems streamlines production, minimizing errors and reducing labor costs compared to manual methods. Domino offers a Labeling Management System that is designed to automate and optimize your labeling, eliminating failure due to manual management.


Tamper-evident labeling

Tamper-evident labeling in the healthcare industry offers a multitude of benefits. These labels serve as a tangible assurance to consumers, indicating that the product has remained intact since leaving the manufacturer, thereby enhancing product safety. In Wichmann Systems Ltd. we have a lot of different labeling solutions from Intrex including tamper-evident labeling solutions.

Additionally, the presence of tamper-evident features fosters trust among consumers, demonstrating the manufacturer’s commitment to product integrity and consumer well-being.

Furthermore, tamper-evident labeling ensures compliance with regulatory standards to uphold safety regulations. Moreover, by mitigating the risk of product contamination or tampering, tamper-evident labels reduce potential liability for manufacturers.

Both coding and tamper-evident labeling are integral components of ensuring product quality, safety, and consumer trust within the healthcare industry. These practices play vital roles in safeguarding consumer well-being and maintaining industry standards.

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