Inspection and Control in the Food Sector

Domino’s R-Series ensure quality, safety and compliance

Vision Systems play a crucial role in the food industry. R-Series eliminates labour-intensive manual inspections, reduces the amount of scrap, and helps to avoid the expense and brand damage associated with product recalls. With a Vision System from Domino’s R-Series your food production will be enhanced.

Are you having trouble with various issues that impact your food production and brand?

The absence of a Vision System in the Food Industry can result in:

• Quality control challenges.
• Traceability issues.
• Manual labeling errors.
• Reduced operational efficiency.
• Non-compliance with regulations.
• Product recalls.
• Limited process optimization.
• Difficulty in meeting industry standard.


The Domino R-Series of Vision Systems are designed to enhance your production.

Implementing a Vision System helps address above challenges and contributes to the overall success of your food manufacturing processes.

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Learn more about some key benefits regarding Vision Systems in the food industry.

Benefits of implementing a Domino Vision System in your Production:

• Simple installation and seamless integration with the coding system
• Tailored for optimal compatibility with Domino fonts and printing features
• Utilizes a familiar Domino user interface to streamline the learning process
• Engineered to seamlessly adapt to future Domino upgrades
• Finally, having a single supplier ensures a centralized contact point for your entire coding and inspection system.



Vision Systems aid in traceability by quality control codes on each food product. This includes batch numbers, expiration dates, and production information. Traceability is vital for quick and accurate recalls if any safety issues arise.

A Vision System help you comply with regulatory standards and guidelines ensuring adherence to industry and government regulations.
In summary, Vision Systems in the food industry need to focus on quality inspection, traceability, compliance, and seamless integration with production systems. These considerations collectively contribute to ensuring food safety and meeting industry standards.

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