High Demands for Plastic Labeling

Coding and marking on plastic for the food, pharmaceutical, and cosmetic industries require high standards for printers and ink. Wichmann Systems offers a wide range of products that meet all requirements. Our products are robust, reliable, of high quality, and can meet the needs of any production.


Production facilities can complicate plastic packaging labeling

At Wichmann Systems, we know that production facilities can place very high demands on packaging. Therefore, our printers from the Ax-Series and D-Series are designed to handle most challenges, including:

• Clear and durable coding
• High speeds and low margins
• Low temperatures and condensation
• Washdown with large amounts of water thanks to IP66 classification
• Quick integration into existing production lines
• Lightweight and easily movable for flexible production
• Monitoring of ink consumption and viscosity

Domino have been involved in inkjet printers for many years and we are a world leader. Our printers lead in technology, with robust designs, minimal service requirements and downtime, and low ink consumption.


The right ink for plastic labeling

Labeling on plastic packaging should be easy to read and durable to avoid smudging. This is especially important as coding often includes mandatory information such as product declarations, expiration dates, production dates, and tracking codes. The coding must also withstand the entire product lifespan without issues from condensation and storage. If the plastic packaging is filled during labeling, it also places high demands on ink drying time. Wichmann Systems offers a wide range of inks, continually developing new types to ensure we can deliver the right ink for your plastic labeling needs.


Therefore, choose a printer from the Ax-Series (Inkjet):

• Prints on virtually all surfaces
• i-Pulse technology reduces ink consumption
• High precision
• Fast and durable printing

Learn more about our Ax-Series.


Laser for efficient plastic labeling

An alternative solution for plastic coding and marking is the D-Series, which uses laser technology instead of ink, being cost-effective, fast, and high-quality. The Co2 Lasers in the D-Series are designed to easily adapt to existing production lines while being environmentally friendly and highly reliable.


Therefore, choose a printer from the D-Series (Co2 Laser):

• Fast, efficient, and permanent marking without ink
• Flexible design
• High reliability
• Suitable for harsh environments
• Environmentally friendly

Learn more about the D-Series.


At Wichmann Systems, we understand the importance of choosing a printer that fits your company’s specific needs. Therefore, we always engage in a dialogue with you to understand the requirements and which technology is most suitable for your production.


Contact us today to learn more about plastic labeling and what we can do for you.


Labeling on all surfaces

Whether it’s flat, curved, or any other shape of plastic, it’s not a problem for Wichmann Systems’ products. We certainly have the right printer and ink suitable for your plastic containers, lids, buckets, bottles, jars, and more. We also have printers that can code and mark on many other types of applications such as food, glass, metal, and rubber.


We have experience from around the world and are always up to date with the latest developments

Domino supplies printers to productions worldwide, giving us a wealth of experience and motivation to stay up to date with the latest developments. We use our knowledge to find the most optimal solution tailored to your company.

Product labeling is necessary in many production lines, and mistakes can be costly. Significant progress has been made in reliability, ink optimization, and integration capabilities with business systems such as ERP and MES. The most common causes of labeling errors are human, which can be avoided by integrating a business system where printers automatically receive codes, data, and instructions.

We have printers for labeling products in all industries, and we’re happy to visit your production to advise you on the best labeling solution possible.

Contact Wichmann Systems today. Together we can find the perfect solution for you.

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