In the realm of product excellence, attention to detail is paramount. Plastic bottle labeling and coding guarantee that your products not only adhere to industry standards but also effectively engage consumers.


Coding & Marking on Plastic Bottle


Your coding & marking on your plastic bottles is not merely a series of numbers; it represents your product’s core, ensuring precision, quality, and adherence to regulations. Therefore, it is very important that the codes are clear and durable throughout the product’s lifespan. Domino offers a lot of solutions for clean and clear coding.

With an inkjet solution from Domino’s Ax-Series you get long lasting, easy-to-read codes. The inkjet printers are suitable for harsh production environments and suits very well in the beverage industry. Also, the printers are very reliable minimizing your downtime and optimizing your OEE.


Precise Bottle Labeling


A label is more than a sticker; it is part of your brand. Labels, whether made of paper, plastic, or metal, serve as your product’s voice and need to look good. With a labeling solution from Intrex, you can be certain that the label is always accurately applied, creating a favorable impression with your customers. With an intuitive labeling solution like Intrex Set 1101, you get a fast and precise labeling of your bottles.



Why precise and high-quality labeling are important.

Labels serve as repositories of information, empowering consumers to grasp the essence of your product. From ingredients to expiry dates, they provide a transparent perspective, fostering trust and credibility. Only emphasized when the label is accurately and smooth applied.

Labels are not mere embellishments; they function as your product’s guardians. They carry vital instructions, warnings, and precautions, ensuring the safety and well-being of your consumers. So, to choose the right solution for both labeling and for coding and marking is very crucial.


Ensuring traceability


Each bottle displays a batch number, an expiry date. Coding and marking facilitate precise traceability, enabling every product to be traced back to its origin. In instances of recalls or quality assessments, this precision proves invaluable. To usure that the codes stay clear and readable, you need to make sure that your coding & marking solution is precise and reliable. The Domino Ax-Series comes with a lot of ink types and delivers constant clear and durable codes. The Ax-Series is suitable for the beverage industry due to its IP classification, that can withstand harsh production environments and liquid fluids.


Adhering to Standards


Regulations form the backbone of consumer safety. Coding and marking guarantee compliance with industry standards. The codes ensure that your products meet the highest benchmarks, resulting in confidence in both retailers and consumers.

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