White and yellow Ink for Domino TIJ Printers

Domino’s Gx-Series of TIJ Printers introduces white and yellow inks

Marking individual product parts is vital in industries like aerospace, automotive, construction, electronics, and extrusion. Reasons for separate part marking during production include distinguishing similar parts, facilitating assembly, enabling traceability, and signifying quality checks.

Domino’s Gx-Series of TIJ Printers introduces white and yellow inks to address the oversight of marking on dark surfaces.



This user-friendly cartridge-based technology accommodates high-quality pigmented inks. Thermal inkjet printers from Domino’s Gx-Series offer excellent code quality and readability with ‘plug-and-play’ ink cartridges, crucial for flexible production on the same line.


Key Considerations for Printing on Product Parts with Domino’s Gx-Series:

  • Achieve contrast on dark materials with dense white or yellow ink for high contrast.
  • Size: Print small, readable codes on tiny product parts with high-resolution printing.
  • Adhesion: Ensure good adhesion on materials like ABS, PET, and aluminum with Domino’s white and yellow TIJ inks.

Alternative Technologies for Dark Surface Marking

Codes, symbols, logos, and text are marked on metal or plastic product parts directly, requiring technology for easy decoding and durability.


Continuous Inkjet (CIJ) printers and fiber lasers traditionally serve these applications, providing clear codes with high contrast. CIJ printers offer flexibility for variable distances from the printer to the component, while lasers deliver optimal results for permanent or high-resolution small machine-readable codes.

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