Hello Bello’s journey with Domino’s Ax-Series, PALM and Cx-Series

Accurate coding, traceability, and UPC labeling

Hello Bello, a rapidly growing brand in the North American baby diaper market, prioritizes high quality and sustainability in selecting partners. Co-founded by Kristen Bell and Dax Shepard in 2019, Hello Bello offers premium baby products made from natural ingredients at an affordable price point. With a clear mission to provide eco-friendly solutions, the company opened a zero-waste facility in Waco, Texas, powered by renewable energy. When seeking equipment providers for their production line, Hello Bello partnered with Domino to fulfill their coding and marking requirements. Using Domino’s Ax350i, M230i-TB Print & Apply system, and Cx350i, Hello Bello ensures accurate coding, traceability, and UPC labeling for their products, contributing to their success in the market.


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Domino Ax-Series (CIJ)

Domino M-Series (PALM)

Domino Cx-Series (Large CIJ)

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