New Requirements in EU for Coding and Marking on Wine Labels

Marking on Wine Labels from December 2023

Starting December 2023, it became a legal requirement to provide a range of information on all wine bottles.

As a beverage producer, it is now mandatory to include nutrition declaration and allergens directly on the wine label. Additional information can be conveyed through a QR code on the label, directing to a website with the details, or simply included direct on the label.


The new wine labels in the EU must include information such as:

  • Grape category
  • PDO/PGI designation
  • Alcohol percentage
  • Origin
  • Bottler/Producer/Retailer name
  • Net content
  • Sugar content (for sparkling wines)
  • Nutrition declaration
  • Ingredient list
  • Allergens
  • Minimum durability date for non-alcoholic grape products


These comprehensive labels aim to provide consumers with maximum transparency in choosing and purchasing wine. The regulations apply to wines and wine products harvested from 2024 onwards. Wines produced before December 8, 2023, are exempt until stocks are depleted.

Regardless of the solution you choose, we at Wichmann Systems Ltd. can assist you in finding a solution that meets the new requirements for wine labels.


Digital UV-Inkjet printing of QR Codes on Wine Labels

Domino’s K-Series is the ideal digital UV-inkjet label press for QR codes on wine labels.

The digital UV-Inkjet label press combines variable data printing (VDP) with impressive productivity and a print quality of 600 dpi on a wide range of coated and uncoated materials. With K600i, you can print high-quality data, alphanumeric text, barcodes, and 2D codes, including the QR code, at speeds of up to 200 m/min.

Marking on Wine Labels

Make your wine label production more efficient and impressive with Domino’s K-Series, experiencing outstanding print quality and speed of QR code printing that meets your customers’ demands.


Coding and marking on Wine Labels

For those who do not need a digital label press but want to produce their labels themselves, Domino also has a range of other products that are extremely ideal.


Precise Labeling on Wine Labels with Domino’s Gx-Series (TIJ)

Domino’s Gx-Series of thermal inkjet printers (TIJ) are designed to produce high-quality codes. These printers can efficiently code alphanumeric text, barcodes, and 2D codes on even the most demanding materials. The compact printhead integrates easily into existing production lines and can be mounted up to 25 meters away from the controller.
Get clear and reliable labeling on wine labels with Domino’s Gx-Series. The printers are a reliable and efficient solution for labeling wine labels with high quality and precision.


Clear coding and marking on different types of wine labels

Another solution from Domino is the V- and Vx-Series of thermal transfer overprinters (TTO), designed to print on labels and flexible materials. TTO printers deliver 2D codes, including QR codes, and graphics in high quality. This ensures that coding and marking on wine labels is clear, precise, and of top quality. The printers use 60% less ribbon compared to similar products, increasing reliability, and reducing downtime. At the same time, costs are reduced, and the process becomes more sustainable.


Overall, the V- and Vx-Series of TTO printers are an ideal solution for coding and marking on wine labels, combining precision, quality, and efficiency with a focus on reliability and sustainability.


Permanent coding and marking on wine labels with Domino’s CO2 Lasers

If you want permanent coding and marking, Domino’s D-Series of CO2 lasers is highly suitable.

Domino’s D-Series consists of lasers based on Domino’s i-Tech technology. The lasers provide fast and permanent laser marking on a wide range of materials. The D-Series delivers unlimited text in all directions and in several different fonts and sizes. This allows for flexible and customized labels that meets specific requirements and design preferences. At the same time, it marks graphics and 2D matrix codes with high quality, ensuring compliance with the legal requirements for wine labels.

If you want a reliable and effective solution that combines speed, quality, and versatility to meet specific needs in coding and marking on wine labels, choose the D-Series.


Let us help you with a solution for your wine label production

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