White labels find widespread use in product labeling, serialization, tracking codes, product branding, and in-house label printing across various industries. Notably, they are employed in the food sector, addressing the diverse information needs of products with varying weights and prices. Additionally, white labels play a crucial role in generating shipping labels, an indispensable aspect of logistics for many companies.


White Label Printing


In-house label printing on white labels offers unparalleled flexibility and freedom, allowing businesses to print as needed. This approach saves both time and money while eliminating the need for extensive inventory commitments. Whether for a seasonal campaign or other specific requirements, small quantities can be easily printed. Contrastingly, pre-printed labels often come with minimum order requirements, leading to unnecessary label purchases. This not only contributes to environmental concerns but is also viewed as a financial waste.

We provide white labels with diverse surfaces tailored to a range of label printers and your unique needs for your products. Our offerings extend to white labels on rolls for shipping labels, Print and Apply solutions, and other Coding and Marking needs as well as labels for full color labels for e.g., branding purposes.


Label Materials

Inkjet Labels: Inkjet printing stands out as the fastest-growing technology in the print industry, offering a multitude of benefits. This technology allows for on-demand, high-quality, and colorful label printing with a quick turnaround. The unique top coating in inkjet labels facilitates ink absorption without smudging, ensuring vibrant colors close to the surface. This coating prevents labels from appearing dull, oversaturated, with poor resolution and low contrast.

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Toner Labels: Toner-based printing produces durable, photo-like labels of high quality. The high temperature required for toner binding to the surface ensures lasting adhesion. Carefully crafted to withstand this temperature, toner-based labels are a testament to quality and resilience.

Thermal Transfer Labels: Thermal transfer printing offers durability, high printing speed, and the capability to print on a wide range of materials. A long-standing standard in the printing industry, thermal transfer technology supports various types of ribbons. Find out mor about our Thermal Transfer Labels.

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Different purposes for white labels


In Wichmann Systems we have a labeling solution for your specific labeling needs. Below you will find different purposes for white labels, all purposes we have a labeling solution for as well.

Cartons & Boxes Labeling: White labels are extensively utilized for cartons and boxes, providing a versatile solution for clear product identification, track & Trace, branding, and compliance with industry standards. Whether for packaging in the pharmaceutical, electronics, or retail sectors, white labels ensure effective labeling on cartons and boxes.

Pallets Labeling: When it comes to pallet labeling, white labels are an essential component for efficient warehouse management. Serialization, tracking codes, and product information on pallets can be seamlessly achieved using our white labels, ensuring streamlined logistics operations.

Tamper-Evident/Sealing Labeling: White labels serve as a reliable option for tamper-evident and sealing labeling requirements. Whether in the pharmaceutical or food industry, ensuring product integrity is paramount. Our white labels are designed to withstand tampering and provide visible evidence of any interference.

Top & Bottom Labeling: For industries requiring top and bottom labeling solutions, our white labels offer a practical and efficient option. From the cosmetic industry to manufacturing, our labels adhere securely to both the top and bottom surfaces, ensuring clear and consistent labeling.

All-around Labeling: All-around labeling demands a label that can conform to the contours of the product, providing comprehensive coverage. Our white labels are adaptable and suitable for all-around labeling, meeting the needs of industries where complete product coverage is essential.


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